Ubuntu 13.10: Touchpad Stops Working After Suspend – Solution

I am running Ubuntu 13.10 64bit on my Lenovo G500 laptop. I was facing a strange problem. Whenever my laptop went to the suspended state and I resumed it afterwards, its touchpad was not working. A little bit of Googling returned a simple solution that worked like a charm. I am summarizing that solution here in this post for future reference of me and anyone else facing a similar problem.

Open up the terminal and type following command:

It will create a new file named “0000trackpad” in the /etc/pm/sleep.d/ directory and subsequently open it for editing in gedit. Paste following code snippet in this window, save the file and close it.

Back to the terminal, type following command to make the newly created file executable:

And … that’s it. Above steps solved the problem for me and hopefully will do the same for you too. Suspend/Resume your laptop a few times to make sure that your touchpad no longer gets disabled automatically.


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How to Manually Update Avira Free Antivirus

If you are not able to automatically update your installation of Avira Free Antivirus to the latest virus definitions for any reason, then don’t worry. It is still very easy to update it manually. Using this method, you can also update Avira Antivirus on such a computer which is not directly connected to the internet. To update, just follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Go to Avira’s official website and there click on the “More about VDF” link in the “Latest VDF Status” block present in almost center of the page as shown in the following screen shot. Manually Update Avira Free AntiVirus
General Tips and Tricks

How to get permalink of a post on Facebook?

So, you want to point your friends on facebook to a specific post but you can’t find a way to share that post with them via a button or link in the vicinity of that post. Or, suppose you are taking part in a contest on a company’s facebook page or group and you want to deliver maximum likes or comments on a certain post of you there. Then you would certainly want yourself to be able to give your friends the exact URL of that post. Unfortunately, I don’t find any clearly available option to get such a permalink for any post on facebook. Whenever you get a notification about a new comment or like on a post you are subscribed to and you click on that notification then that is the permalink that I always wished I could get without going through the notifications. Luckily, I found the following hidden trick to get it. The permalink of any post on facebook is hidden under its time stamp. So to get the permalink of any post, click on its time stamp reading “x hours ago”, “x seconds ago”, “a few minutes ago” etc. depending on the time passed since that post has been posted as shown in the following screen shot.