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SOLUTION: No Java runtime present, requesting install – Mac OS X Yosemite

How to fix the "No Java runtime present, requesting install." error on mac terminal.

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Send Emails from PHP on Ubuntu localhost LAMP setup

Learn how to configure your Ubuntu powered localhost LAMP setup to send emails from within php using the mail() function.

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Ubuntu 13.10: Touchpad Stops Working After Suspend – Solution

Solution for the touchpad getting disabled automatically after suspending and then resuming an Ubuntu based laptop.

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Semantic Versioning – A recommendation for numbering releases of a software

Link to the official website of Semantic Versioning specification, plus how I found it :)

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mongo shell – JavaScript execution failed: Error: couldn’t connect to server – Quick Fix

Learn how to fix the mongo shell connection error which is caused by the server unable to start due to low disk space for journaling.

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