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Programmatically Get Absolute Path of Java Executable in a Running Program

Learn how to get the absolute path of Java executable that was used to launch a program, from within that program.

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SOLUTION: No Java runtime present, requesting install – Mac OS X Yosemite

How to fix the "No Java runtime present, requesting install." error on mac terminal.

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C++ Program to Separate Digits of a Positive Integer

Here we have some C++ programs which take a positive integer as input and output it's individual digits separated apart from each other.

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Recursive C++ Program to Convert a Decimal Integer into Binary Number

A recursive program in C++ that converts a decimal integer into its binary equivalent.

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C++ program to check if a sentence is a Palindrome or not

I have written a program in C++ which can check a word, phrase or sentence if it is a palindrome on a character by character basis. It is capable of...

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