Generate Random Text in Microsoft Office Word 2003

Sometimes when you want to experiment with some features of Microsoft Office Word while reading a book or tutorial, you need a sufficient amount of text on which you can apply these techniques and observe there effects. Fortunately word 2003 has a built in feature to provide you a good amount of text in a few seconds. It is called the Random Text Generator. To try it, just:

  1. Open a new word document
  2. Type in =rand()
  3. Press Enter

It will generate three paragraphs of text having a sentence repeated five times in each of them. That sentence is:

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Now let’s get some more control over the number of paragraphs and sentences generated.
Try typing =rand(2,7) and pressing Enter.
It generates 2 paragraphs of text having the same sentence repeated 7 times in each of them.

So, In general, we can say that when we type =rand(x,y) in Microsoft Office Word 2003 and press Enter, we get x paragraphs of random text and each of them contains y number of sentences i. e. =rand(paragraphs, sentences).

In case you find any thing not working properly for you according to these instructions then, please don’t hesitate to comment and ask me about it.

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