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Muhammad Anas

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  1. Salam , I want to print : 2 5 11 31 129 on screen,would you like to please help me in this regard.Thanks

      1. Ahan Masha Allah going good so far hubs hai..laikin khair hai:P Allah barik fee Jazak Allah..how’s taraweeh?

    1. Wa alaikum us Salam!

      It means you got back the access of your wordpress account?
      So, what did the problem turn out to be? And how did you fix that?

      Just asking for the sake of information … anyways … congrats 🙂

  2. Salaam Br. Anas,

    I m having a problem logging in for my blog…I don’t know what’s wrong..but it’s not letting me in…I changed password..That didn’t help..and then it says invalid username too..although b4 it didn’t say that!

    Can u help me out?

    1. Wa alaikum Us salam janab!

      Where are you facing this problem? on urdu.anas.pk?? or wordpress.com?? If it is on urdu.anas.pk then I can surely help but .. on wordpress.com I have no idea. Best that I can suggest is to reset your password once again. When on this page: http://en.wordpress.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword
      try entering your username instead of email and see if it recognizes your username or not. and if it does not recognize your username then enter the email address and in the email that you receive, you will find your username, as it is currently present in their database. reset the password by clicking on the link in this email and then use the new password in combination with that username. I hope it should work.

      and remember … for such queries you can always reach me at my email address: me [at] anas.pk 🙂

      1. Yeah at wordpress…ok Jazakallah…but if it still doesn’t work..then is there a support email at wordpress? Ok I will contact u there nxt time Insha Allah! Thanks again!

  3. Im reading HNDIT in srilanka but here TC in use for c++ programing..within it all functions are writes within one void main mostly..but you did as with some changes..as separate function…and also you c++ program differed…like it appear “space name” i don’t know about that…any i want to keep touch with you…….

    1. do you mean “Turbo C” by TC?? if yes then it is a very very old compiler now. why not you try something like codeblocks ?? editing and running programs will certainly be much easier and simpler in a modern compiler like this. and as far as separate functions other than main() are concerned then yes, at the beginning when your programs are very simple, short and focused at mainly only one specific problem then it is usually appropriate to write all the program in the main. but as your programs grow bigger and bigger and start tackling multiple different problems then it becomes difficult to manage them all in one function and breaking them down into smaller, simpler, more focused functions makes our life easier. but it is completely optional. we can still write the whole program’s logic in the main() function too. and feel free comment on any of my blog posts and I shall reply within 24 hours Inshallah. also you can reach me at my e-mail address: me[at]anas.pk
      looking forward to hear from you 🙂

  4. Hi, do you know any joomla web designers who would want to do some freelance work? kindly email me if you have any contacts