Does traffic exchange websites help in affiliate marketing?

I signed up on some traffic exchange websites like hit2hit, leadclub etc. a few days ago and now I am getting a good amount of traffic on my personal website which is in turn helping my website in SEO. But I am asking this question because I have noticed that on these traffic exchange platforms, most people click on the link of website, wait it to load while they continue to do their other tasks on their computer. After a while when the minimum time required to get credit passes, they go back to their browser and confirm their visit of that website by clicking on the appropriate image or by following any other confirmation method of that particular traffic exchange website.

In short, I think that traffic obtained from these sources doesn’t give us “readers”. Am I right in my imagination? If yes, then do you think some one from such kind of traffic is going to buy something from a company if I become their affiliate and put my affiliate link in rotation on such a website?

And most importantly if anyone of you has personal experience of affiliate marketing on traffic exchange websites then please share some of your statistics with me. For example, on average, how much visits you had to deliver to make a sale? I mean a rough hits/sale ratio If you don’t mind.

Thank you very much in advance!!

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