Simple Algorithm Design Using Flowcharts and Pseudo Code

Last week, our lecturer of Introduction to Computing gave us an assignment to design algorithms of some simple problems using flowcharts and pseudo code. Many of us found it difficult to do this. Few complained that the lectures given by Mr. Mata-ur-Rehman on this topic were not sufficient enough to make us able to solve these problems. Due to all these things I decided to share some useful resources with my friends which, I think, can help to understand this topic very well. These are two lectures by a professor of Virtual University of Pakistan. These are conducted in a very interesting and efficient way. I am sure, you will not bore watching these lectures and that they will make a great addition to your knowledge of the topic. Also included are the download links of accompanying powerpoint presentations.



Download Presentation of Algorithms Lecture No. 1


Download Presentation of Algorithms Lecture No. 2

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